Almost Ready at the Heart of AN!

The past few weeks have passed by in a blur of activity. There have been so many preparations we’ve been doing for our May Events here. Participants are coming for our events from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Peru, UK, and the US. The super transformational, five day Cards of AN Master Class begins this Thursday.

The energies are building up and new people are arriving here each day. In many ways, it feels like we’re on a roller coaster going up the final stretch of the first big hill, and in two days, we will begin a wild ride into the Unknown! No matter what happens, we know that it will be brilliant and life changing.

Today is the final day of work on our vegetable garden. It is almost done, but we will resume work on it in June, when our events are over. It feels amazing and we hope that the plants love it as much as we do.

If you wish to attune with us at the Heart of AN for the next two weeks, I’m sure that you will also personally experience a strong infusion of the AN energy. We are happy to be doing this and know that the energies of the New Reality are greatly needed on the planet at this time.

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