On the Fast Track at the Heart of AN!

Since our super sweet visitors left last Friday, we have been zooming along on the Fast Track, preparing for our Special Events in May. There are layers upon layers of things to do here. An almost impossible list of tasks, but Emanaku and I have leapt into action. There’s also the May Surf Report to write….

We have an amazing, strong group of people from eight countries coming to our events and we are very excited about what will unfold. We also have a few surprises planned.

The work on our vegetable garden is steadily progressing. With our circular raised beds, it is beginning to look more like an ancient observatory, rather than a garden. Our plumber Olger is coming next week to install tubes for the water system for it. We hope to have it finished before our events, but the planting will probably have to wait until afterwards.

Nima and Tawa, our Alpacas of AN, continue to bring great joy to the Heart of AN. Alpacas have such an amazing, other worldly energy which is totally aligned with the New Reality of AN. It feels very natural to have them here with us. (We are already thinking of getting some more!)

We are now nearing the end of the rainy season and the days are becoming sunny and warm. Everything is beautifully green. And our land is being lovingly prepared for the arrival of our Family of AN.

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