The Alpacas of AN Explore the Heart of AN!

Our new Alpacas of AN have been busy becoming familiar with their new home. We never know where they will appear. Antu’s name has been changed to Tawa since it goes better with Nima. (Tawa is the Hopi word for Sun and the Tibetan word for Moon, while Nima is the Hopi word for Moon and the Tibetan word for Sun.) This seems perfect for the Heart of AN!

The alpacas are still quite shy and can’t be approached, but they are easily herded back into Alpaca•Wasi in the evenings. Emanaku has already mastered this task and now can add, “Alpaca Herder” to his resumé.

The past two weeks have been rather full! We have had two sets of visitors ~ the first for five days and the second set for a week. All were with people whom we’ve wanted to come here for a long time. It’s been highly enjoyable on a very personal level.

We are also in the midst of creating our new organic vegetable garden with the help of Roberto and Pedro. So far, it’s quite unique!

Pedro’s small son Alexander returned on Sunday night after being away for two weeks. All of us missed him a lot, (especially Pedro!) Last week, we went to the local school with Pedro and his wife Cecilia and finally got Alexander accepted into the kindergarten. It was a great breakthrough! Alexander is so happy to be back here and loves his new school and the new backpack which Emanaku bought him.

We are also busy preparing for our Special Events in May. Our Spanish translator just had to cancel for health reasons, so we are seeking a new one ~ someone who is really meant to be here. And we have two last minute spaces available, so if you are called to come…..

With huge LOVE from the Heart of AN!

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