The Arrival of the Alpacas of AN!

Last week we completed the AN•Labyrinth. Although, there are a few, somewhat strange parts, it looks, and feels, really good! Next, Roberto and Ascensión made and installed some new fence panels for the Tower of AN area. Now, they are creating our vegetable garden!

I’ve been busy writing the April Surf Report and fortunately got it done early. This made it possible for us to take a special journey yesterday to get our long awaited ALPACAS OF AN!

It was a two hour drive up into the high Andes to the place where Pedro has his alpaca herd. Just as we were almost there, we entered an immense fog which made everything mystical and otherworldly. We waited at our appointed meeting place in the middle of nowhere for Pedro for ten minutes or so and then finally his sweet wife, Cecilia arrived through the mist. She told us to drive a bit further on a small muddy turnoff. This is when we first encountered the Alpacas in the Mist!

It felt like we had entered a Timeless True World as over a hundred alpacas moved through the thick fog right in front of us. After a bit of a wait, Pedro appeared out of the mist. Although we had expected to be able to consciously choose our alpacas, this proved to be impossible as they were enshrouded in fog and constantly moving. But it was an amazing, unforgettable experience.

Finally, we asked Pedro to choose the right alpacas for us, which he did. Even so, it was quite challenging to try to catch them and took awhile. Finally, our two new Alpacas of AN were loaded into La Perla, as well as Pedro. Somehow, there was even a bit of extra space! Then we made the long drive home with two extremely well behaved passengers in the back while choosing their names of ANTU (the male) and NIMA (the female).

Arriving at the Heart of AN, our two special passengers were let off at the AN•Labyrinth. Our dogs, Manzana and Cachorro weren’t sure what to make of them and are still extremely curious.

Antu and Nima spent the night in Alpaca•Wasi and are currently exploring their new True Home. They are extremely lovable and irresistibly adorable!

Just in time…. for tomorrow two special visitors arrive!

If you come to our Special Events in May, you will be able to meet them. There are only very, very few spaces left!

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