An Unpredictable Week at the Heart of AN!

After our exquisite wedding with super charged energies, we were hoping for a few days of relaxation before we began our Cards of AN Master Class on the 12th. But that wasn’t going to happen….

On Wednesday morning, I slipped on our stairs and landed hard on my head, back and tailbone. Since this was rather painful and shocking, I spent the day in bed while everyone, except Emanaku, went on our planned trip to Sacsayhuaman. (Now more than a week later, I’m slowly getting better, although it may take a few more weeks before I can sit or walk comfortably.)

On Thursday, we began our Readers of the Cards of AN Master Class. Half of our class had participated in earlier classes and half came for the first time. This was a super profound, Off the Map class that deeply transformed each person who participated in it. The five days of the Master Class were beyond brilliant, with the constant unfolding of revelations, the releasing of many aspects of our journey so far and continual quantum breakthroughs, far beyond what words can describe.

It made me realize that these classes are far, far more than simply learning to “read the Cards of AN” and that this is merely a byproduct of our experiences in the class which indelibly merge us with our True Authentic Being and plunge us into the New Reality.

Some of us in the class were First Waves, two of whom had felt that after the end of the 11:11 Activations, their life’s purpose had finished. Now, that they have aligned with the New Reality, they realize that they are still very much needed here and that a whole new world of exciting, creative expression is waiting.

Since these Cards of AN Master Classes are so small and intimate and since there are very few of them offered each year, I can see many more of you taking the leap and coming to the Heart of AN for this amazing opportunity to participate in a deeply transformational experience. They are absolutely life changing!

Next week, I will totally rewrite the description of these ROC Classes on our Anvisible website and FB pages to more fully reflect what really happens in them….

Last Friday the 13th, Manzana decided to explore the outside world by digging a hole under our fence. She was gone until Saturday evening despite numerous attempts to find her. We didn’t know if she was alive or dead, but I talked to her energetically and said that if she was still alive that she needed to return here by Saturday night. Which she did….

Juana’s little sister, Eliana recognized her at a school fiesta in another village that is two kilometers from here. Even though a man tried to take Manzana away with him, she followed the little girl all the way back home. And she was sooooo happy to return to her True Family and her True Home! And has been on her best behavior since then.

On Sunday, we all went to the Sunday Market at Chinchero to find our Cards of AN Cloths to use in readings. We all found special hidden treasures, including a vibrant magenta poncho of AN for Sebastian.

Our ROC Master Class completed on Monday evening and everyone left on Tuesday, departing the Heart of AN at 11:11. Since then, we are trying to catch up with our neglected work, while including periods of resting and healing.

We had to change the dates of October’s Conclave of the Family of AN and the Readers of the Cards of AN Master Class. The new dates are:

October 13 – 17: Cards of AN Class
October 20 – 26: Conclave of the Family of AN

If you want to participate in October’s Cards of AN Master Class, you should reserve your place soon.

We also have Cards of AN Master Classes in July and September!

Everyone who comes here always says that it’s way more beautiful than in the photos! So please treat yourself and come, see and experience the Heart of AN for yourself!!!

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