Solara’s and Emanáku’s Wedding (Part 3)!

After our wedding ceremony we moved over to the fairy circle where we enjoyed a delicious lunch under tents festooned with colorful paper flags and table decorations from Ankasha in Mexico. This is when a sudden wind came up that almost blew everything away!

Next, we returned to our house and opened some very unique wedding presents. In the late afternoon, we walked to the AN•Labyrinth and split into two groups ~ one which began in the North and one in the South. This was the first time that any of us had walked the labyrinth so we were very excited to see how it would feel.

The entire experience was absolutely perfect. We were constantly aware that each step we took was bringing us deeper into the New Reality. We all felt like we were having an individual, personal experience in the labyrinth, yet we also felt like we were part of our One Being. We all met in the inner AN circle and then exited in the opposite direction than the one in which we had arrived. It was quite an amazing experience!

Afterwards, we spontaneously spiraled into the center in a simple version of the Sacred Spiral Dance. In the AN Circle, we reconnected with our partner and spiraled outwards. It was just perfect!

This was followed by our wedding dinner in our house.

The entire day was so magical and so filled with magnificent AN energy.

And now, we are ready for more weddings here at the Heart of AN. Who wants to get married here next?

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1 thought on “Solara’s and Emanáku’s Wedding (Part 3)!”

  1. Dear Solara,

    A most divine wedding. I can feel the joy over here in Sydney.

    You deserve so much Solara as you have given the world so much.

    Love and Blessings
    Allen Stacker

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