Solara’s and Emanáku’s Wedding at the Heart of AN (Part 2)

If you have not yet, Read “Our first Heart of AN Wedding (Part 1)”

Our marriage took place at the AN•Chakana and was in four parts. This gave Emanaku and I the opportunity to enter and exit through each of the four doorways of the chakana. Between each section, everyone came onto the chakana and rotated into a new position. During the first part, Emanaku and I were under a cloth where we could say whatever we wished to say to each other in star language. In the second part, Emanaku and I married our internal Suns and Moons. In the third part we exchanged wedding rings.

During the fourth part we brought out a bottle of handmade mistletoe brandy which I had purchased several years ago in the small Croatian village of Roc. First, we made offerings to Pachamama, Tayta Inti and the Heart of AN. Then, we drank to our marriage. Next, we faced outwards and made another round of offerings. Then we cleared the path that everyone may all find our True Positions, True People, True Partners and True Purpose.

Finally, Emanaku and I descended the AN•Chakana in clouds of pika pika. Then Eloy and Juana presented all of us with some special sacred flowers that will serve as anchors of the exquisite energy of Sacred Union that was anchored today.

After the ceremony, we all sat on the grass of the upper level of our ceremonial area. We played music with our sacred drums, Tibetan ting shaws and Australian Aboriginal clicking sticks from Uluru.

It was an exquisite and simple ceremony that was deeply felt by all.

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