Our first Heart of AN Wedding! (Part 1)

Last Sunday was our first Heart of AN wedding. Since it was the first one here, it felt appropriate that Emanaku and I were the ones getting married. And so we did!!

It was a very simple, but extremely deep, ceremony with eleven guests: Indigo of the US, Keenuane and Nuna (Jessica) of Mexico, Sebastian of Germany, Walter and Julie of Switzerland and US, Anastra of Australia, Angelika and Milciades of Chile, plus Eloy and Juana of Peru.

Since this was the first AN wedding, it definitely wasn’t traditional. It was interactive and created by all of us in the preceding days. Our wedding took place at the AN•Chakana which was beautifully decorated with multi-colored tin stars and mirror strands hanging from pieces of bamboo. The wedding was in four parts and between each part, everyone came up on the chakana in an ever flowing dance, then rotated position around the chakana.

After our ceremony, we quietly sat on the upper level of our ceremonial area, playing music with drums, Tibetan ting shaw cymbals and Australian Aboriginal clicking sticks from Uluru while basking in the extremely powerful energies. Then we had a delicious lunch prepared by Ludo and Zobeida in our fairy circle while a strong wind suddenly appeared and almost blew us away.

In the afternoon the weather turned sunny and calm, so after opening some wondrous wedding presents in our house, we all went to the new AN•Labyrinth and walked the labyrinth for the very first time. It was amazing. It felt like each step we made took us deeper and deeper into the New Reality.

The entire day was very relaxed in spite of the super strong energies and powerful solar storms which took place all day. It was the most exquisite wedding I have ever experienced. So very new, pure and absolutely TRUE.

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2 thoughts on “Our first Heart of AN Wedding! (Part 1)”

  1. Curt Curley says:

    From what I could see of the pictures it looks like a very beautiful wedding. Very gentle, very touching and very honorable. I am so happy for the both of you.


    P.S. by the way, say Hi to Indigo for me

  2. Leslie says:

    Hi Solara,

    Congratulations to you and Emanaku!!! I wish you both much love and joy.

    How can I send you a cash present?

    Big hugs.

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