Kindred Connections at the Heart of AN!

This past week has been another busy one as we prepare for our special events of May. Just as we finished making our river rock foundations and repairing the cracks inside our house, new tasks appeared. After our washing machine began flooding the floor, our plumber Olger discovered a crushed water pipe behind the house which was quickly fixed. Then a hose attached to our water heater burst late at night just as we were about to go to bed. The only thing we could do was to flow like water over the rocks and deal with each issue as it appeared with the minimum of stress.

We also had a new, AN style queen sized bed made for AN•Wasi, got a new truckload of firewood, finished repainting the damage on the exterior paint of the house and repaired cracked tiles.

I was very fortunate that I was able to begin writing the May Surf Report in the final days of April. This rarely is possible because I usually need to feel the energies of the new month for a few days before I can write. But May is such a strong month, it was easy to write about.

I nearly had it finished by the time Sebastian, Anastra, Jessica and Keenuane arrived on Monday afternoon. It was so wonderful to see them again! The three of them who were here last year were amazed by all the progress we had made. Then Indigo arrived on Tuesday morning for her first visit to the Heart of AN. She said that our photos don’t nearly illustrate the full extent of the beauty here.

There is much to do before our wedding celebration on Sunday. Decorations for the AN•Chakana are being created while Eloy is preparing the AN•Labyrinth for its debut. More people will arrive on Friday and Saturday!

It’s so much fun having kindred people here with us at the Heart of AN. It always makes the energies feel more alive when people are here to interact with them. And we love sharing the wondrous AN energies!

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