Mega ’A Mu’a in Action at the Heart of AN!

This past week was even busier than the previous week. German and his crew finished all their projects. The roof of the AN•Chakana looks perfect, especially with the addition of the AN Sun-Moon disc on the top. All the walls around our house now have bases of river rocks which makes them feel finally complete. For some reason, this has touched me deeply. I had visualized them in position for over a year and now that they finally manifested on the physical, it brought me close to tears.

German also finished repairing all the cracks in the yeso plaster inside our house. This process created quite a mess. We had to move everything away from the walls and swept and reswept the floors so many times that we lost count. Then came the repainting of the repairs…. and more sweeping.

Eloy has been super busy all week, repainting the bancos in front of our house, putting fresh coats of lacquer on windows and doors, watering all the flowers and cleaning up the land.

At the same time, Reina came twice to wash and wax all our pastilero tile floors. This necessitated removing as much furniture as possible from each room that was being cleaned. So we spent much of last week in a state of upheaval here.

Yet this entire process felt so good and so necessary. We met this opportunity with great enthusiasm and completely recalibrated everything! We didn’t just automatically put things back into their old places. Instead, we felt where everything wanted to go in the HERE and NOW. We cleaned every little item. We polished the wood and metal objects. It was really A LOT of work, but it felt so right. Doing this, actually energized us. Now we are nearly finished, only a few days more, and everything is so strongly resonating with the New Reality. It feels sparkly and wondrous all around us!

Next Monday, our first guests arrive which will be so much fun! Until then, there is still much for us to do to be ready. We can’t wait for them to feel these amazing energies. The Heart of AN has moved to a completely new level.

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