This time of quiet at the Heart of AN is serving us well. It doesn’t mean that we’re doing nothing ~ we still have way too much to do. But it’s helpful not to have much social interaction with people so we can concentrate on recalibrating and resetting everything ~ both inside and outside of ourselves. This is definitely happening and it feels absolutely right.

My new book with stories from my life is now 310 pages long. I might be halfway done. The words are still flying onto the page with ease and I’m really enjoying doing this. Emanaku is also working on his book with over 100 pages of concepts and ideas. On Wednesday, I start writing the August Surf Report and as soon as it’s done, will leap back into my book. My foot has totally healed and I’m deeply grateful to be able to walk with ease again.

On July 15th, Emanaku made another trip to Pedro’s village to rescue four more baby alpacas (crias) from this very cold winter. It’s good he did, because a week later there was another heavy snowfall in the high Andes in which five of Pedro’s crias died. Right now, we have ELEVEN Alpacas of AN here!

At the end of winter, we will have to return the six male crias, since it’s better to only have one male per herd. We will buy N’oe and tiny Chaska for sure, and perhaps the new female who just arrived ~ who doesn’t have a name yet.

The last Eclipse on July 27 was an extremely powerful one. It brought in some amazing energy which I will try to write about in the August Surf Report. I received strong glimpses of such a new, True Energy that is starting to come in, giving us a vastly expanded awareness. We are ready to receive it here and anchor it into the planet.

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1 thought on “And Then… THERE WERE ELEVEN…. at the HEART OF AN!”

  1. brenda says:

    The God World’s are manifesting. Your collection of images reminded me of the one or two strange clouds I have seen here lately. Absolutely Awesome!!! Thank you so much. And Emanaku looked like a True Templar Knight…I had never noticed him look so grounded, real and Vast. I look forward to reading your memoirs. Muani : )

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