Honoring Pachamama at the Heart of AN

Although we are getting a few warm, sunny days, it’s still a cold winter here, perfect for quiet contemplation. I’m still writing my new book, except for when I’m writing a Surf Report. This is such a strong time for looking at everything ~ the state of the world and our personal journeys ~ and feeling everything with a new perspective. Asking, “Where do we go from here?” on both a personal and planetary level.

On August 1st, we celebrated the Day of Pachamama ~ which is the beginning of the Andean New Year. Emanaku, Pedro, Percy, Alexander and I scattered yellow pika pika confetti throughout the land and made offerings of wine to Pachamama and the Apus. This year, Pachamama’s presence was felt more strongly than ever before. She felt very happy that we were honoring her.

Today we had a breakthrough! German and a crew of four arrived to finish work on the canal system for our vegetable garden. This is after an unexpected hiatus of one month. At this newly quickened pace, it should be finished by the end of next week. And for the past week, Pedro and his son Percy have been taking out all the grass in the area of the garden and replacing it with special grass for the alpacas.

The Alpacas of AN are a constant delight. They are becoming so friendly and totally melt our hearts. They have such sweetness and are so smart, (except for when they occasionally eat our flowers!) They are the ultimate definition of LOVABLENESS. Depending on the weather, Emanaku might go get some more this weekend.

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