CREATIVE SURGE at the Heart of AN!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been surfing a massive creative surge here. Every day is exciting and full of myriad things to do. We are doing our best to keep up with it all, but it’s nearly impossible.

My book is now 352 pages and I’m writing on it whenever I have a chance. The words are still flowing as fast as I can write them down. It will probably take me several months more to finish it, but I’m really enjoying the process.

After disappearing for a month, German and his crew returned last week. Major progress was made on our vegetable garden area. What’s surprising is how amazing the energies are there. It really feels like entering a Timeless True World when you walk down the hill to it. It’s like going into a previously unknown level of the New Reality. German won’t be here this next week since he has another job, but when he returns, we hope to get everything done. We will have photos of the incredible transformation that is taking place there in our next Photo Journey.

One thing we have learned during the past months is how helpful some kinds of delays are. There’s no need to get frustrated or try to force things to happen. With our vegetable garden, we have needed the times of not-doing for the energies to move into the state of Right Time – Right Place. These delays have served us well, for we had no idea that our vegetable garden would transform into a Timeless True World.

Two weeks ago, Emanaku made another journey to Pedro’s village of Yanamayo. This time, he took Tawa with him so he could return to his larger herd in the mountains. Tawa felt like he was somewhat bored here and would prefer being home in the vastness. Also, we have heard that it’s better to have two females to act as guardians for the baby crias. When they arrived at the mountain pass before Pedro’s village, there was so much snow that they couldn’t go any further, so Emanaku couldn’t rescue any baby alpacas that trip. (Pedro and his neighbors have lost many baby alpacas this winter due to the snow and extreme cold.)

Last week, Emanaku returned to the high sierra and this time, he brought back a large, brown female alpaca whom we have named Tawani. She is very sweet and quickly became friends with Nima. He also got four crias who were the most vulnerable to the cold. Every time we bring sick alpaca babies to the Heart of AN, they are healed within a few days. The same thing happened this time. So now, our current total of Alpacas of AN is fifteen! The two adult females: Nima and Tawani, as well as thirteen, absolutely lovable crias. Three of our new alpacas are brown ones and they are all so adorable. I have a list of Quechua names for them and will be giving them their names as soon as I have a free moment.

The Heart of AN is moving to a totally new level, as are we. It feels so good and so true. And we are deeply grateful.

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