In the morning of February 17, we met our AN•TAWA Core Group for the first time. There were seven men, seven women and three children from nine countries. Many of the group we were meeting for the first time. Others we hadn’t seen for many years. Almost immediately, everyone felt familiar. We were reuniting with our treasured True Family. We all knew that we had come together to achieve something important for the entire planet and were ready to leap in. • • • •

Usually, we have four days of preparations to merge everyone with their Timeless True Self and form a strong One True Being. But this time, we had decided to only have two days of preparations so we could focus on these important ceremonies, and two days was all we needed! • • • •

After our first morning session where we introduced ourselves, we went outside and performed the 11:11 Mudras. Although they were new to many of us, we mastered them easily. • • • •

After lunch, we went to the AN•Chakana where we performed the ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Mudra for the very first time. It felt so natural to do this. Again, we had prepared for this for lifetimes and everyone was ready. • • • •

Late that afternoon, we had a Fire Ceremony where we placed sticks of kindling into the sacred fire and removed what was no longer needed from our personal matrixes. We had lots of kindling, enough to get everything cleared out. Then we put handmade smudge sticks into the sacred fire to remove expired elements from the planetary matrix. This was a strong purification and an auspicious beginning. • • • •

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR PHOTOGRAPHERS!Ankasha, Argon, Daniela, Emanáku, Felipe, Omashar, Sebastian, Solara • •

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