We began preparing for these momentous ceremonies a few months before they began. We knew that for ceremonies like these, everything needed to be thoroughly cleaned and recalibrated. In our house we not only cleaned, but we went through everything ~ finding lots of things to let go of which we sold through an online pop-up store called La Tienda Invisible. We also found the right places for many items that had been in their wrong locations for years. Each time we did this, there was a strong clicking into position and new energy came streaming in.

At the same time, we were cleaning up our land and doing needed maintenance. As we did this, everything here felt better and better. We and the land were all tingling with a strong sense of anticipation. There was the feeling that much of what we had created here was made for these special ceremonies.

In mid January, our alpaca Nima gave birth to a beautiful little girl whom we named Nimani. A week later our sweet Rit’i died while giving birth. It was heartbreaking to lose her and her baby. Then we waited and waited for No’e to give birth to her first cria.

We had been trying to get a caterpillar here to remove the tree roots that were growing underneath the entrance to the Tower of AN, but somehow German’s phone never answered. Emanaku finally encountered him in early February and found out that his phone had been lost and he had a new number.

On February 8, the caterpillar arrived, expertly driven by German’s son. The devastation was much greater than we had anticipated. To get to the area of the roots entailed destroying a large section of the entrance to our eleven circles. To have this devastated piece of land at the entrance to the Tower of AN was extremely shocking and very ugly. Plus there was only one week to fix everything before people arrived. Fortunately, German vowed to repair the damaged river rock path in two days.

The following day on February 9, No’e finally gave birth to a healthy little boy named Nako. We were deeply grateful that everything had gone easily for her.

On February 10, the day afterwards, German arrived with his sons and started repairing the entrance to the Tower of AN. Using his skills as a descendant of the Incas, Pedro quickly built excellent rock walls for our expanded new flower garden area.

Omashar arrived on February 11 and immediately helped me create a new Bridge of the Four Stars underneath the porton to the Tower of AN.

The following day on February 12, we went to buy a car full of flowers. Then we joined together with Pedro and two of his sons to plant most of the flowers that very same day.

Sebastian arrived on February 13 and the following day on February 14, he and Omashar decorated the AN•Chakana, then Emanaku and I joined them to decorate the just finished entrance to the Tower of AN.

Two days later on February 16, the ceremony participants arrived and everything looked beautiful ~ as if it had always been like this. The Timeless True World were fully anchored into the physical.

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