We began our two days of preparation on May 12. We had a strong group of fourteen people from seven countries. Half of us had participated in previous AN•TAWA Ceremonies. We were ready to leap in by doing our utmost to fully embody our Timeless True Selves in the physical.

Although we don’t have photos of our morning, it was full. We did the 11:11 Mudras and chanted HU TAWA HU at the AN•Chakana. Then we went to the Tower of AN where we performed the Starry Processional. This was the first of our 11:11 Sacred Dances and it was the first time that it was ever done at the Heart of AN. I’ve been wanted to dance this here for several years, but wasn’t sure how it would feel. Would it feel outdated or would it feel Timeless? I was happily surprised to discover that it still felt very alive and true. Actually, there was a new freshness to it that hadn’t been there before.

After lunch, we returned to the AN•Chakana area where we sat together in the Starry Council as we had for aeons, yet this time it felt different as we were now Timeless True Ones in physical forms. While we spoke Star Language, our hearts were healed.

In the early evening, we had a Fire Ceremony. Our focus was to release all the hardship of our entire journey on the Detour of Duality. As we did this, we let go of expired elements that were embedded in our personal matrixes. It was a very full day that prepared us well for what was to come. HERE WE ARE! MORE TO COME….


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