At least eight people arrived several days early. Benedikt arrived from Germany near the end of April and was a great help. He and Emanaku set off exploring remote lakes searching for a new ceremonial site, as well as helped us with a variety of unfinished projects. Benedikt also completely recalibrated our four Sacred Staffs of AN. They have never been more beautiful.

On May 9, this area of Peru experienced an extremely rare snowfall that covered a wide area. It didn’t come all the way down to the Sacred Valley, but covered areas Cuzco, Chinchero, Moray, Raqch’i and the Sacred Lakes of EL, AN and RA. It also covered our nearby mountains and unfortunately, destroyed many crops. It felt like a strong purification for the AN•TAWA Ceremonies.

As more people arrived several days early, we began giving complimentary readings with the Cards of AN-A’Mua which were extremely helpful to everyone. All the readings were on a very new level. What you don’t see in our photos is the immense amount of personal transformation that went on during these days. This was the first time that we experienced such deep shifts well before our ceremonies began.

All the while, we decorated and recalibrated the Heart of AN so everything would be ready. Then, there was the final trip to Pisac to buy the magical Peruvian hats. Then …. HERE WE ARE! MORE TO COME….


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