April Visitors at the Heart of AN

The month of April and the first week of May have passed by in a blur. It felt as if we were caught in a whirlwind where Time has totally collapsed. April started relatively slowly and suddenly accelerated during the final weeks. May has been extremely intense here and it has not slowed down sufficiently for us to fully recover. This is why there have been no Photo Journeys for a month.

During this time, I broke a front tooth while biting into a small piece of celery. I went to a small dentist’s office in Pisac for a temporary tooth the following day, but still have to find a good dentist in Cuzco for a root canal and crown. I just hope that my temporary tooth stays in place until then.

A few days after that, a very nice group from the Netherlands visited us for the day. After lunch, everyone had readings with the Cards of AN. (Wow! The Card Readings have moved to a completely new level. It’s impressive how quickly the energy shifts and how long standing conditions are suddenly transformed. The Cards of AN are amazingly accurate!)

A few days later, the super sweet Margareta and Sonya arrived from Austria for a five day Transformational Retreat which was powerful, lots of fun and deeply transforming. On May 2, the day before they left, we rather spontaneously decided to complete our March EL•AN•RA Ceremonies.

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