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Our Beautiful Land




On June 26th, 2013 we finally bought our beautiful land for the Heart of AN!!

Actually, we purchased two small pieces of adjoining property that add up to a total of 7,500 square meters or almost two acres. Although somewhat of a humble beginning for the Heart of AN, it was all that we could afford.

Our land is located in a small valley near the village of Huaran in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas near Cusco, Peru. The photo above shows our stunning view of the sacred mountain Apu Sawasiray. Sawasiray means: TO SEW TOGETHER IN MARRIAGE in the Quechua language. Together with the nearby mountain of Apu Pitusiray: TO SEW TOGETHER IN UNION, the two sacred mountains form an eternal couple. Such perfect energies for the HEART OF AN which represents the sacred union of the Sun and Moon into One Being.

Our new land is sunny, quiet and  gently sloping. On one side of the property is an acequia (irrigation canal) which has water year round. The opposite side of our land has frontage on a small dirt road. Across the road is a year round stream. This gives us the refreshing sound of running water on both sides of the property. Our drinking water is from a glacier high up in the Andes.

The land contains seven circles, some surrounded by handmade stone walls, which were previously used for growing crops. This is where we are putting our structures and a small vegetable garden. It feels amazing to live here in the energies of the New Reality.

In August 2013, we began construction at the Heart of AN. The house of Solara and Emanáku was completed at the end of September 2014 and they quickly moved in on October 3, 2014 and have been living on the land since then. We have also completed fencing our property with a combination of adobe walls and metal fencing. Pink flowers have been planted all along the metal fence.

We have also built a beautiful, one bedroom guest house called AN•Wasi which can be rented by visitors to the Heart of AN who want stay on the land for a few days. We have also built a small guardian house called AN•Tika.

The wall, fences, entrance gate, water system, electrical system, septic system and AN•Wasi have all been partially funded by the donations we have received so far for the Heart of AN, while Solara and Emanáku personally paid for the building of their house, the purchase of the land and much more.


Our Plans for 2016 – 2017


There are currently four of us living at the Heart of AN: Emanaku and Solara, plus our Guardian / Gardener Eloy and his partner Juana, as well as two cats and two dogs.

At this point, we are a small, but powerful, anchoring point for the New Reality of AN. Much of our focus at the Heart of AN is still on creating its infrastructure so it can be fully functional in the future.

We currently offer a few special events and master classes each year and welcome both individual and group visits whenever our tasks permit.

We envision a time in the next few years when we are able to expand our land and facilities so we can transform into a beautiful community, fully anchored into the New Reality that serves as a Beacon of Trueness for the entire planet.

• • • ∆ • • •

We are in the process of buying a beautiful, small piece of adjoining land for our AN•Sonqo Sanctuary where we can host Ceremonies, Master Classes and Special Events.

• After this land is paid off, we will build adobe walls and fencing around our new piece of land so it can be included with our existing land.

• Build our AN•Sonqo Sanctuary, as well as a small separate building with bathrooms, plus create beautiful garden areas for sitting during breaks.

• Build another small House for Visitors.

Plant an organic vegetable garden.

Plaster the inside of the adobe wall on the front side of the land.

How You Can Help

There are many important ways in which the Family of AN can help us manifest the Heart of AN. We know that many of you are excited to see the Heart of AN established in the physical. And that you are aware of the importance of anchoring the New Reality for the whole planet in these wild times of the changeover from duality to Oneness. Many of you are eager to visit us and participate on various levels with us. However, none of this will happen without your support.


Raising Funds to Create our Vision

Our Most Urgent Needs are

• The Raising of Money so we can pay off our Sanctuary land
and build the Sanctuary.

1. Our AN•Sonqo Sanctuary will be a large circular building with many windows where we can hold workshops and special events. Once AN•Sonqo (The Heart of AN in Quechua) is built, we will be able to organize more events at the Heart of AN.

2. Next, we would like to raise the funds to build some more guest houses. They would be self contained, energy efficient units with small kitchen, living room and bath, plus 1 -2 bedrooms. They would be used by both staff and visitors.  Each guesthouse will cost around US $30,000 – $40,000 to build.

3. To raise money to buy some other pieces of surrounding property. This buffer zone would enable us to ensure that we have privacy and quiet. Plus, it would give us more space to create gardens, art studios and more living spaces.





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9 thoughts on “At this Moment….”

  1. Diane Elizabeth says:

    I feel the heart of Love spreading out from this site and land. A friend introduced me to you and I would love to be on your mailing list.

  2. Merrilyn says:

    My heart is connected there with every place you build. You site is truly the best position on our planet and my heart fills with this project of our Heart of AN. My donations are generated sometimes small but one day they must become huge for all of us. The Heart of An is my passion and endless love. Solara thankyou dearly for your gift to us.

  3. Maria Knoedl says:

    I’m deeply touched!!!

    And I will send a donation to y(our) project from the bottom of my heart!


    All is ONE……

  4. Angelika says:

    Dearest Solara and Emanáku,

    I can see An Songo becoming a beautiful tower of light and I will provide a donation for the building of the Sanctuary.

    Pure true love,


  5. Bodhi says:

    Oh… Great! Very Cool!

  6. Eliane Carneiro de Souza says:

    Dear Solara, dear Emanaku, beloved family of AN,

    These are great news. As soon as possible I’ll send a donotion (A$500) to support the beautiful AN Place.

    Wishing you courage and infinite love to go on with the project.

    Much, much love to you all in Sacred Valley

    from Eliane

  7. Indigo says:

    This is very exciting. Holding you in the beam

    Much love

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