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AWAKENING THE WHITE DRAGON – The Song of the White Dragon by Kenta Hayashi

The Ceremonial Version. Original Music by Kenta Hayashi. Recorded live in Kyoto, Japan on January 18, 2024. ~ Awakening the White Dragon ~ (Solara in Japan) The CEREMONIAL VERSION: photos and videos of the two Awakening of the White Dragon Ceremonies done in Japan on January 14 and 20, 2024. Produced by Emanáku and Solara. [ Read More…. ]

Into the New True Year at the Heart of AN!

The last two weeks of December were super busy and much was accomplished here. The area around the Tower of Light of AN is now full of luscious grass and looks gorgeous. The energy is absolutely stunning! On December 16th, we had our World Treasures Pop Up Sale at the Viva Peru Cafe and made [ Read More…. ]