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Solara’s Surf-Report for the Year 2020: The End of Detour

2020 is where everything makes an unprecedented shift. We are no longer talking about shifts in consciousness only, but shifts on all levels of creation, including deep physical levels. Shift of Reality Systems…. Read the full Surf Report for the year 2020 by Solara here:

The Alpacas of AN

Alpacas are True Emissaries of AN. They are starry beings with unique personalities and deep awareness. They are extremely loving and super loveable. They are a great addition to the Heart of AN, for they emanate tranquillity and are experts at anchoring the New Reality. We have great LOVE for our magnificent Alpacas of AN! [ Read More…. ]

The Meditation of Sun•Moon•AN•Earth

Here is a link to our video of the Sun • Moon • AN • Pachamama Meditation. This is a simple, but powerful practice that is extremely effective in dissolving duality, while keeping us grounded. If we do this meditation every day, it will have a powerful effect. It will OPEN DOORS of Transformation and [ Read More…. ]

TEST Post for GMedia Gallery

Here is the post. Here comes the gallery: [gmedia id=2] Here is the end of the gallery.

The New Reality of AN ~ visible ~

Watch how the New Reality manifests at the Tower of Light of AN:

The Greatly Expanded AN • Mercado

Solara’s amazing “Cards of AN’, as well as special Peruvian treasures which resonate with the energy of the New Reality of AN. Everything you see in this Mercado is physically located at the Heart of AN in Peru and all are aligned with the true AN energy. Visit the AN•Mercado here:

The AN • Labyrinth from the Air

The AN•Labyrinth (with wishes for 2017) from Emanáku on Vimeo.

Contact: Nuna – Jessica Gallego

Nuna – Jessica Gallego Maldonado Email: Facebook: Jessica Gallego (NUNA) Mobile: +34 684213044

Nuna – Spain/Mexico

I participated in the 11:11 tenth and eleventh Gate Activation, the Activation of the Heart of AN, the Heart of AN Master Class and the two Readers of the Cards of AN Master Class. For me this path has been the discovery of the most subtle and true part of my being, a path that [ Read More…. ]

Lili – Argentina

My name is Liliana Beatriz García Brianti , however I feel identified when call me Lili . Maybe it is because I always felt that life is simple and when everything is simpler greater is the enjoyment and more the time to enjoy . I like to be the architect of my life, a worker [ Read More…. ]

Angelika – Chile

I have dedicated many years of my life to the international financial advisory business. In 2009 I learned about Solara and the 11:11 Doorway and I registered to participate in the 8th Gate-2 activation ceremony in Puno, Perú. It was a wonderful experience for me and my heart opened wider. I participated in all of [ Read More…. ]

Contact: Lili

Lili – Liliana Beatriz García Brianti Paso del Rey – Buenos Aires – Argentina Email: Phone: +549 (0237) 466-4998

Contact: Angelika Hucke

Angelika Hucke Santiago de Chile Email: Phone: +56 2 22494-6446

Solara’s Cards of AN and Emanáku’s Readings with the Cards of AN in Germany

If you always wanted to order a sets of the Solara’s Cards of AN, and the postage for sending them from Peru to Germany was too much, then you have a chance now of getting the Cards with cheaper postage: Emanáku is coming to Germany in August and can bring sets of Cards of AN. [ Read More…. ]

Ursulai – Switzerland

I appreciate my work as a true life counseler in Switzerland and other places since 1997 and it is what I truely feel I need to be. EL•AN•RA was my introduction to Solara and her work. Since 1993, I have been following the Surf Reports, helping to translate them and was an Anchor during several [ Read More…. ]