Back to Work and Holding the Beam at the Heart of AN!

During the past two weeks, we have been trying to get back to work and finish some of our urgent projects. I finished the Photo Journey of the Conclave and wrote the November Surf Report.

After the upheaval caused by the US Presidential election, both of us felt extremely flattened. For several days, all I could do was to lie down and sleep a lot. My being dissolved into the realms of pure energy and I felt myself embracing everything and everyone in Pure True Love. It is becoming increasingly apparent to us, the importance of the Heart of AN in anchoring the New Reality in such troubled times.

This week, Emanaku and I are readying my book, “The Star-Borne” to go on the iBooks store. (It’s already available as a hard copy and an eBook on our Nvisible Mercado.) Emanaku is doing the final formatting and it is nearly complete and looks so beautiful.

I am also rewriting my book, “11:11” and Emanaku will be reformatting it so it will finally be available as an eBook. We hope to have it ready before the end of the year. It feels important to recalibrate my “11:11” book to a completely new level and to make it available again. “Completing the old, frees us for the New!”

We are also full of wildly creative ideas of things we want to manifest here at the Heart of AN in the new year. We cannot begin anything until we pay off the new land in January, but brilliant ideas are already flying around and fill us with excitement!

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