Beyond Busy at the Heart of AN!

I don’t know if it’s because Time is collapsing all around us, but we seem to be getting increasingly busy at the Heart of AN. The days pass by in a blur of activity and there is always so much more to do.

There are many preparations to be made for our October EL•AN•RA Ceremonies. These are happening on multiple levels from the most mundane ~ meal plans, transportation and accommodation to ordering needed supplies ~ to the level of pure true energy as we receive visions of the ceremonies.

The energies are becoming stronger every day and the intensity levels are rising. All we can do is be like water and keep flowing from one task to the next. When there is any kind of blockage, we simply flow around it. We can’t even allow ourselves to think about all that we are doing and all that we still have to do or it would be overwhelming.

Our life here always requires a delicate balance between dealing with the most practical, down to earth, details while remaining in the exquisite energies of the New Reality. And so far, we are doing well. It’s a challenge, but much depends on maintaining our level of perception of what is really going on. If we see it on a duality level as too much or as a hardship, then it becomes that. But if we stay expanded, we can flow through it and it becomes fun!

Doing all that we are doing while staying in the resonance of the New Reality of AN is shifting everything here to a new level. Even the Alpacas of AN are feeling this and are becoming more comfortable around us ~ as well as forming a cohesive herd. I love to finally be able to hand feed them. And after four and a half months of changing Kukuli’s bandage every single day, her healing has finally reached the point where Emanaku doesn’t have to do that anymore. This is a huge breakthrough for both of them!

After two months of always being behind on our Photo Journeys, we are finally catching up. Of course, with so much happening here next month, we’ll probably get behind again very soon.

We are deeply grateful for your continuing support of the Heart of AN. It makes us so happy when you enjoy looking at our photos. Thank you for sharing this wild journey with us! We love you ~ our magnificent Family of AN!

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