Visiting the Annual Chinchero Fair from the Heart of AN!

On August 24, Emanaku and I visited the annual Feria in Chinchero. This year it felt particularly poignant because the government is trying to push through the construction a huge airport right next to Chinchero ~ which would absolutely ruin it and much of the Sacred Valley. They’ve been clearing the land for a few months and ignoring all matters of flight safety (due to the dangerous crosswinds in this area) and the massive cultural annihilation that would take place if they succeed. With this terrible fate hanging over Chinchero and the Sacred Valley, it makes everything here much more precious.

Chinchero is one of the most sacred places on Earth and we really don’t want to see it destroyed. According to the Incas, Chinchero is the Birthplace of the Rainbow.

The pure spirit of Chinchero is on full display at their annual feria that is right next to the sacred lake of Piuray ~ the Lake of AN. We went on a Saturday ~ right in the middle of the three days of the fair. It was our second time at the fair and this year it was much bigger than before, but with way less people in attendance.

The fair has everything ~ numerous rides for the children, authentic Andean music and dances, a multitude of food booths, animal exhibits and competitions, displays of myriad varieties of potatoes and some of the very best weavings from the remote high Andean communities that we’ve ever seen. Plus, lots of local, authentic people, ~ for it’s not an event for the tourists, but for the real people!

We really loved being there and can’t wait to return next year ~ hopefully without an airport in the midst of one of the most breathtaking landscapes in Peru. We are holding strongly to the knowingness that, “This is NOT an acceptable reality!”

We are heartened to hear the story of someone asked an old woman from Chinchero about the proposed airport. She firmly replied that it wouldn’t happen. They asked her why and she said that Pachamama wouldn’t allow it.
Here is a link to a petition that over 93,000 people have signed, including most of the top archeologists in the world. If you would like to add your voice to stop this desecration, please sign it.



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