The past few weeks have been full of a noticeable deepening here, with various highs and lows. On the plus side, we had a wonderful visit with the magical Mikael King. Emanaku finished a new shelf for Kusi•Wasi.

Then last Sunday, we had to return four of our beloved alpacas to Pedro’s herd. This was because we don’t have enough grass here to feed them all. January was a dry month and the grass didn’t grow as expected. We have even closed off the Tower of AN area for a few weeks to let the grass regenerate and now there is lots of rain which should help the grass to grow.

Sisu, Jo-eh, Khuyoq and sweet Chaska returned to the mountains. We would have kept Chaska, but she and Shiipi really love each other and we think that she will be happier reunited with him. So now, we have six Alpacas of AN ~ Nima, Asiri, Tawani, No’e, Rit’i and Kukuli.

On Thursday night, Tawani gave birth to a sweet little girl. Unfortunately, she was born with birth defects which prevented her from breathing through her nose and drinking milk. Yesterday, two veterinarians came and put her to sleep. I had talked to Tawani before they came and explained to her in star language what needed to happen and I felt that she understood.

At the moment when Tawani’s daughter left her body, Emanaku saw the Alpaca Deva emerge from the sky and tenderly gather the little one in its arms, taking her back home.

From Emanaku:
“I sat there, talking to the two vets, with both of my hands on the cria.
In a moment of quiet, I closed my eyes, and suddenly I saw the Alpaca Deva coming.
She is very shy and cautious.
She embraced the cria with love and care and disappeared quickly.
I opened my eyes, and the vets nodded at me: “It is over”.
It was over here on Earth, but a new beginning in the Worlds beyond Time.”

That afternoon, Tawani’s daughter sent us a tiny rainbow in the sky to let us know that ALL IS WELL.

It was a very sad and difficult day for all of us here….

Now, we are recentering ourselves in the loving energy of AN. Tawani is doing well and is back to eating grass with the other alpacas. The deepening continues….

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