Clearing the Path for the Heart of AN!

The magnificent Eleventh Gate Activation took place on November 22, 2012. There were over 120 participants from around 30 countries in our Master Cylinder, plus hundreds of Anchor Groups worldwide. Our Activation Ceremony took place in the Heart of AN in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. It began in the afternoon of November 21 and was 24 hours long!

We danced the Eye of AN Dance at various times throughout the ceremony and the energies of AN were strongly felt by all.


The Eleventh Gate Activation in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

During our week of Master Cylinder preparations, we introduced our Heart of AN Core Group and received many offers of support on multiple levels. The physical manifestation of the Heart of AN is growing ever closer!


The Heart of AN Core Group at the Eleventh Gate Master Cylinder.

Since then, we have been preparing ourselves to fully manifest the Heart of AN community. Currently, our Core Group is scattered across the planet, completing what needs to be done before we can all live together in the Heart of AN. Elena is in Russia working, saving money and gathering support for the Heart of AN. She and Akyuna will join us as soon as we have our land. Carlos and his family are living in Urubamba and working in Ollantaytambo. He just got his Peruvian Residency. Maru is in Lima awaiting the birth of her first child. Emanáku and Solara are in Ollantaytambo holding the Beam for the Heart of AN. They will be traveling to Mexico in February to spread the message of the Heart of AN.

We feel that we have found the right land for the Heart of AN. It is exquisitely beautiful and perfect for our needs, but we need to raise much more money in order to purchase it. The time of decision is coming soon.

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