Moving Forward with a New Freshness!


Johannes, Anelja, Solara and Emanáku in PURE HEART LOVE at the Heart of AN.


A New Freshness!

There have been some exciting new developments since our last blog entry. The most wondrous news is that we have finally purchased the land for the Heart of AN! 

We are feeling a new freshness brought about by this breakthrough. There has also been a major reshuffling of our Heart of AN Core Group, making it truer, clearer and more committed than before. Our dear friend Chalo, who was part of the Eleventh Gate Master Cylinder, will be supervising the construction process.  Elena and Akyuna will be coming here as soon as  our Sanctuary / Workshop Space is ready for them to organize workshops and special events. Kalasara, Ya and their family, as well as Sebastian, will come help out with the building early next year.

And we’ve already had our first visitors, Johannes and Anelja from Sweden, Finland and Azerbaijan. It was great fun exploring the land with them and seeing how much they loved the energies.  It felt amazing to do the 11:11 Mudras for the first time on our beautiful land. They hope to return to Peru next year to help us establish gardens and plant flowers all over the property.

As everything progresses, we look forward to the participation of many of you, in some form or another.

In the next few weeks, we will begin transforming this raw property into the Heart of AN.

(More information will soon be available in the new ANvisible area called “At this Moment….”)




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3 thoughts on “Moving Forward with a New Freshness!”

  1. Elarael says:

    Congratulations! Hope you will keep the blog entries going as a chronicle, if at all possible. Have participated since Charlottesville and is wonderful to see this unfold. Hope to visit one day ~

  2. Brenda Griechen says:

    Thankyou Solara

    This is like long awaited news from Home that the family is well, the newborn has arrived and this Magnificent onebeing is lovingly nourished and attended.

    “I will be home for Christmas!” 🙂

    Thankyou for the image and presence of Pure Heart Love; sending it back in full measure…

    Endless Blessings

  3. Maria Adams says:

    This completely wonderful News .

    You all look super beautiful here in the photo … so happy things are coming together.

    Anelja and Johannes you look right at home xxx Much Much Love .

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