Completing Our New Projects at the Heart of AN!

After several months of concentrated focus, our new projects are complete! Emanaku’s new workshop, KUSI•WASI, has been moved into and he is already busy making work tables and shelves for it. It is such a brilliant addition to the Heart of AN.

And last week, we completed TAWA•WASI, our small Temple of the Four Elements! We haven’t been able to spend much time there yet, but it is so beautiful. Plus, I got another new shelf for the Art Studio which is steadily emerging into its new configuration. The energies already feel amazing there.

We still have much more reorganization to do before we are ready for a special visitor who arrives next week for a week long private retreat. But we will be ready!

We have just begun organizing our 2019 Special Events which, at this moment, look like they will be in June and October. Event Details will be available in February. There will be some exciting surprises.

The Alpacas of AN are flourishing ~ and still trying to eat our flowers! But they are more lovable every day.

Now, we are going to take a bit of a rest until we begin another exciting new project in March.

With MUCH LOVE to our magnificent Family of AN!!

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