Contemplation and Exploration at the Heart of AN

It’s been an interesting time here in Peru. The strikes of the teachers and health workers are continuing into their second month. Every day we try to figure out which roads are open and which are closed. Now the porters on the Inca Trail are going on strike since they only make $30 for an entire journey carrying heavy packs and this doesn’t seem to be fair.

We feel the unsettledness that is around us and it has put us into a state of high alert. This high alert is not only for Peru, but for the entire world and will probably continue through August’s eclipses. Although everything is outwardly peaceful and non violent here, we move slower and are in a state of deep quiet. It feels essential that we put our main focus on strengthening the energy of the New Reality of AN.

Each Sunday, we sit at the Tower of Light as Silent Watchers of the Heart of AN. The energies of AN continue to feel stronger and stronger. There is great love felt here which we send outwards all over the world.

We are also organizing our two special events in October and will have the information available some time this week. There will be another amazing Cards of AN Master Class from October 12 – 16. These are deeply transforming and highly recommended. Then from October 19 – 24, we will have a second Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. This feels so necessary to expand the energies of AN all over the world and take this expansion to a new level.

We are also getting ready to launch into action in August with various projects such as physically expanding the Tower of AN and raising the level of the inner five circles. We also want to add new river rock paths and plant grass within this area. And we also want to finally create an organic vegetable garden. We are putting together a list of needed projects.

And strangely enough, we have been feeling the call to go to places where we haven’t been before. Last Saturday, we finally went to the huge Inca site at Pisaq where Emanaku explored part of the ruins and I clicked into position in the perfect spot and sat quietly. Last Monday, we made a trip to the small village of Lares up in the mountains, which is a two hour drive from here. I’m not quite sure why we are called to do this, but it feels right. Perhaps we are anchoring the AN energy in new directions.

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