Winds of Change at the Heart of AN!

The past few weeks have been busy ones here. On June 26, Igor of Australia arrived for a two week visit and will be leaving tomorrow. Although we hadn’t met him before, there was an instant connection. It’s been good for us to have someone here who sees and appreciates the incredible AN energy. We always greatly enjoy being with our Family of AN.

Last Saturday on the Full Moon, we had a visit with Maru and her family. It made us smile to see her two young children happily explore the land. Her son Cristobal even went around the Tower of Light and rang the bells on all of the sacred staffs of AN which felt so right.

The Full Moon energy that day was super clear and magical. Maru, Emanaku and I sat as Silent Watchers of the Heart of AN at the Tower of Light and it was highly charged, yet so soft and loving. Absolutely amazing!

Now we are trying to catch up on our work and preparing for a two day strike on Wednesday and Thursday, possibly sooner, by buying supplies today while the roads are open. As long as we have some food, we don’t mind the strikes, even though they sometimes require us to change our plans. It’s a good time to be quiet and we love that.

We can feel the intensity rising as we head down the runway to a potentially tumultuous July and August. This actually makes us focus even more on the role of the Heart of AN in anchoring the New Reality and becoming a point of stability in a world full of chaotic change. It is quite a responsibility, yet it is also a profound blessing to be able to live, breathe and walk in the New Reality of AN on a daily basis.

The Tower of Light of AN is magnificent and its energy is so alive and ever expanding. We truly hope that you can feel it and are able to align yourself with the exquisite energies of AN. There is so much LOVE and TRUENESS sent forth from here.

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