Integration at the Heart of AN

After working full on for several months in order to prepare and activate the Tower of Light of AN, in June we turned our attention to integrating the immensely powerful AN energies into our daily lives. We continued sorting through and recalibrating the energies, both within us and inside our house. Since we had people here all May, there was much cleaning and resorting to do to get everything in order again. Although this process is not yet complete, this has felt extremely good to do.

We’ve also been dealing with releasing various layers of expired attitudes, understandings, emotions and behaviors which have been loosened by the Activation. We have felt a sense of deflation after months of effort, as well as a sense of great accomplishment.

We’ve greatly expanded our AN•Mercado with new hidden treasures to serve as touchstones of AN. You can visit the AN•Mercado here:

We go to the Tower of Light of AN each week and sit as Silent Watchers of the Heart of AN. The energy is amazing there ~ so strong and clear. We can feel many of you sitting with us as waves upon waves of the AN energy spread outwards.

We have also been exploring and integrating the energy of the Timeless True Worlds which became visible in May. This is taking everything to a totally new level. They are an essential component of the New Reality of AN which have now become visible.

The dates have been set for our October Special Events! The Cards of AN Master Class will be October 12 -16 and a further Activation of the Tower of Light of AN from October 19 – 24. During this second Activation, much of our focus will be on merging ourselves into the Timeless True Worlds so we can live in them in our everyday lives. This is an important key to living in the New Reality.

We haven’t encouraged visitors this month as we have needed this time of quiet integration. There’s the feeling that we are emerging on a very new and expanded level of Trueness. It’s very delicate and fresh. And so, so exquisite.

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