Creating Miracles at the Heart of AN!

The past two weeks have been incredibly busy here. After the wondrous visit of my son and his family, we had several days in which to try to catch up on our neglected work. On the 17th, Alaenura of London visited us for a reading with the Cards of AN.

On the 18th, we had a surprise visit from the son of the owner of the beautiful, adjoining piece of land where we’ve always envisioned building our sanctuary / workshop space, as well as a small house. The sweet, elderly gentleman who owns the land is very sick and will have surgery in two weeks. Because of this, the family needs to sell the land immediately to pay for his medical expenses.

This has pushed us into action, for if someone else buys the land and builds upon it, it will greatly disturb the energies of all we have created here. We are doing our utmost to raise the needed $100,000, either via donations or loans. We know that it will take what used to be regarded as a miracle to do this. We also know that in normal times, miracles were rare occurrences. Yet, these are not normal times and ALL IS POSSIBLE!

We know that this land belongs to the Heart of AN and truly hope for some quantum breakthroughs to make this possible. So far, 51 of our 11:11 Family of AN has made pledges which has been deeply touching. But it’s one of those All or Nothing situations and we still have a long way to go, in a very short time.

The Heart of AN serves as a much needed anchor point for the New Reality which is ever growing stronger and is being felt all over the world. We really need our 11:11 Family of AN to come together and help us achieve the formerly impossible!

Emanaku’s birthday was on the 19th and was celebrated simply and quietly. On the 20th, Alaenura returned for a five night stay in AN•Wasi which was full of sharing stories, laughter, revelations and deep transformation. We had lots of long talks, walked the labyrinth, did the 11:11 Mudras and the Silent Watchers. In the midst of the week, Emanaku went to Lima to visit his son who was passing through for one night on the container ship he works on.

Since Alaenura departed last Saturday morning, we’ve been immersed into work. We have many, exciting creative projects that we want to do as quickly as possible and the list keeps growing.

The other night while Emanaku and I did the Cards of AN, I had a totally unexpected, completely Off the Map, revelatory experience which opened up a whole new sector of the New Reality. I will endeavor to write about it in the July Surf Report….

This is the main purpose of the Heart of AN ~ to birth the map of New Reality for the whole planet!

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