The elderly owner of the property which adjoins the Heart of AN is in the hospital and needs to raise the money for surgery. This is the beautiful, small piece of land which we have wanted to buy since we got here and it is where we want to build our Sanctuary for workshops and events, as well as a small house for visitors. The land costs US$120,000. Since they need to sell it right away, we don’t have much time to pull off a major miracle. Already, other people have begun looking at the land.

If you are able to help us preserve and expand the Heart of AN, you can either make a donation or give us a loan. We are actively pursuing selling the film rights to my books, “The Legend of Altazar” and “EL•AN•RA”. Once the film rights to either of these books are sold, we will be able to pay back all the loans and will have enough money to begin construction.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND US ANY MONEY RIGHT NOW. All we need are firm pledges of what you can contribute. Please send me an email to if you can help the Heart of AN. The owners of the land want to be paid in full and won’t accept a down payment. So it’s ALL or NOTHING for us. We either have to come up with all the money right now or we lose the land.

If the land is sold to someone else, it will be very disturbing to the energies of AN that we have worked so hard to anchor here. That would be heartbreaking on many levels.

We know that this is a lot of money which needs to be raised in a very short time. If 100 of us could pledge $1000 or if 1000 of us could pledge $100, the land would be ours – sacred AN land.

We welcome any wildly creative solutions that can raise this money in a short time. If we do it together, it is possible to pull off this major miracle. TOGETHER AS ONE, we can do the impossible!

This is a brilliant opportunity for the Family of AN to come together as ONE BEING IN ACTION and help share the responsibility for anchoring the New Reality for the entire planet at the Heart of AN!

Please send me an email to if you can help the Heart of AN.

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