Family Reunion at the Heart of AN

Last Wednesday we went to Ollantaytambo to pick up my eldest son and his family. This long awaited reunion was our first in nineteen years! We really enjoyed getting to know each other during our four and a half days together.

We visited the magnificent Inka ceremonial site of Moray and basked in the profound silence that is ever present there. We had delicious meals at several of our favorite restaurants. We visited the market in Pisac where they all found special treasures and enjoyed interacting with the local people. On the day they left, we all went to the Sunday Market at the sweet village of Chinchero at 3,800 meters or 12,343 ft. Here, we said our goodbyes while sitting on the grass in the upper plaza, right next to the Inka terraces.

What we loved most was the opportunity for them to feel the wondrous energies of the Heart of AN. They hadn’t seen stars for years and there was the vast Milky Way above us! They loved being out in nature, hearing the sounds of running water in our canals and the stillness from worldly clamor.

On their final full day here, they all wanted readings with the Cards of AN, which was quite a pleasant surprise! I was so happy to be able to share this with them. And each of them had such accurate, perfect readings!

Now Emanaku and I are back to work, putting together the eBook of my “11:11” book, writing a Surf Update, catching up with business matters. Eloy is planting new grass in the bald spots of our labyrinth and the animals are calming down from all the excitement of last week.


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1 thought on “Family Reunion at the Heart of AN”

  1. Leslie says:

    Happy belated birthday Solara.

    How wonderful that your family came to see you and you had this reunion. Although I’ve followed you for over 10 years, I don’t remember your mentioning them. But, does it really matter all of those years apart when you finally came together in Now time?

    Anyway, much love to you, and thank you for sharing your happenings.

    Big hugs,


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