Birthday at the Heart of AN!

I had a beautiful birthday here last Sunday. The energies were very expanded and peaceful. I was showered with pika pika by Eloy and Juana and presented with a magenta chuspa bag which Juana had specially made for me.

It was also the day of the Presidential election in Peru which is still too close to declare a winner. This meant that everyone in Peru had to return to the place where they were born to vote or else pay a fine.

On Monday, the plastic was put on the cover of our ecological lotus sewage system behind our house. On Tuesday morning, part of it was knocked down by the dogs, but quickly repaired.

Today we are going to Ollantaytambo to pick up my eldest son and his family who will be visiting us for five days. I haven’t seen David for nineteen years, so it’s very exciting for us to finally have a long overdue reunion. It’s their first trip to Peru and they are loving it here.

This week we will be taking them to some of our favorite places, as well as savoring the energies of the Heart of AN.

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