A Quiet, but Productive Week at the Heart of AN

Actually, the quiet week was experienced by me, as I continued my healing process. I spent much of the past week lying down, in a deep state of total quiet, feeling formless, while deeply merged into the core essence of the New Reality. Now I am coming back and am immersed into writing the June Surf Report.

At the same time, Emanaku has been surfing a massive creative surge. He is full of myriad creative ideas and inspirations and wants to do them all! He is redesigning our ANvisible website and in the midst of putting several books together. Some are existing books of mine, such as “11:11”, while others are totally new books. In a few months, we can expect the birth of several of them. He is also working on several other exciting new projects!

Eloy has been busy creating a cover for our Lotus ecological sewage system to protect our vetiver plants from the coming winter. He’s also been cleaning the acequia canal that runs through the center of our land.

Next week, some special visitors arrive, so we will be busy!

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