Forward Progress and Ho’o Pono Pono at the Heart of AN!

We thought that after we had moved in and unpacked that we would be able to sit back and relax a bit, not realizing that there was still so much to do. Not only with the building of the guardian casita, but there are so many things, both outside and inside our house, that need attention. What makes it easier and more fun for us is that every single day there is obvious progress and everything becomes more beautiful. Hidden layers of exquisite beauty keep emerging from the Invisible!

During the past week, major progress was made at the guardian casita. The walls are finished and the roof is going on at this very moment. Next, we need to put in the electrical cables, the plumbing, the window and door frames, then put yeso on both the interior and exterior walls. Even though we received several donations this past week, we still don’t have enough money to finish the casita, but we can continue for at least another week. Talk about living on the edge!!!

The cement floor of the small storage shed behind our house is finally dry so yesterday Emanaku was able to immediately fill it up with building supplies and items for the casita. This freed up some congested space in our house.

We’ve also had 1 – 2 workers busy building rock wall flower areas, stone stairs and fortifying the walls of our acequia canal that wraps around two sides of our house. What’s good is that we already have most of the rocks on the land and don’t need to spend much to do this. The canal work is especially important since the rainy season will begin soon and we don’t want the canal to flood our house if there are heavy rains.

Our kitchen is in a state of Ho’o Pono Pono. There were some leaks around the sink area which caused several tiles to crack. The tiles in this area were removed on Monday. Yesterday, new tiles were glued into position and today they will be grouted. With luck, we should be able to use our kitchen again by Friday or Saturday. Of course, our plumber isn’t available this week, so we will do it ourselves. ♥

At this moment, I’m looking out of my office window at the beautiful land that we need to buy for our Sanctuary. This season’s corn is already quite tall. On Monday, we heard that a person was making inquiries to buy it, just so he could later resell it later at a higher price. This creates an urgency for us to get this land as soon as possible. Our next step is to meet with the family who owns the land and negotiate a good price, then quickly raise the money to buy it.

Already, we are receiving inquiries from groups who want to visit the Heart of AN next year. We are in the beginning stages of organizing special events and workshops. If we could manage not only to buy the land for our Sanctuary, but to actually build it as soon as the rainy season is over, it would be such a mega breakthrough!

We are really excited to get the Heart of AN fully functioning soon, so many can visit and personally experience these extremely nourishing and amazing energies of AN for themselves.


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