A Wild Week at The Heart of AN

Last week was full of Left Field Shocks with intensity levels that were often Off the Map. First was the cement electricity pole that suddenly appeared right next to the upstairs bedroom of our casita.

Then we had some land speculators looking at several pieces of adjoining property, which we’ve been wanting to buy as soon as possible. It made me feel rather vulnerable until I could realign myself with my Heart’s Knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

We are still living week to week with the building of the casita. At this point, we don’t have the money to complete it, but somehow manage to pay each week’s expenses for the workers and building materials. We trust that somehow it will get done.

We been having some brilliant ideas of what to do with the new casita, and it may not be for a guardian, but for people who wish to spend time here, experiencing the energies of the Heart of AN. We are in a continual state of openness, surrender and spontaneity, knowing well that while AN might know the master plan for this amazing place, we don’t.

We are constantly overflowing with gratitude for the opportunity to live here. We love the land. We love the mountains. We love our house. We love the people. We love the plants and trees. We love the fresh running water from the high mountain glaciers. We love absolutely everything about being here. It is far, far beyond our Wildest Dreams!

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