Continual Progress at The Heart of AN

We are still getting used to being immersed in such stunning beauty, both inside our house and in our outer environment. This is creating deep changes within us. In many ways, we feel like plants which have long resided in pots that were way too small, causing our roots and leaves to become cramped and stunted. Suddenly, we find ourselves planted in the ground in a gorgeous paradise land. Our roots and leaves can finally stretch out and reach towards the Sun. We are finally in our Right Position in our True Home! There is no need to go anywhere, for we are exactly where we are meant to be. And from this True Position, there is limitless potential for expansion!

At the same time, we are still dealing with myriad small details: designing doors and windows for the casita, as well as the water and electrical systems, constantly buying more building materials, trying to get everything ready for the upcoming rainy season, dealing with leaks in the plumbing and continually trying to manifest the money to get everything done.

From the very first creation of the Heart of AN, we have learned that it has a very clear vision which we are not always able to immediately see, but when we do, we must fully act upon it. This past week, we suddenly realized that our “guardian” casita is not meant to be for a guardian. What has been revealed to us is that it is meant to be a place where people can visit and be fully immersed in the exquisite AN energies.

We are going to call the new casita AN WASI, the House of AN and after it is complete, will create special three, five and seven day programs so that people can stay in the casita and participate in the Heart of AN. This will include private card readings with my, as yet unpublished, cards, mandala making sessions and journeys to special Inka sites with Carlos. This will also help us raise money to buy the Sanctuary land and build more buildings. And of course, we need to build a much smaller house for a guardian / gardener as soon as possible.

Often, we find it quite a challenge to be in the midst of such non-stop action while so greatly expanded. We are moving into an absolutely new set of timing, a new pace, a new way of doing things. Yet, we don’t have the luxury of simply sitting back and basking in the energy. There is still so much to do. The Heart of AN wants to be fully functional as soon as possible so more people can experience the energies here. And right now, the responsibility for doing this rests on us.

Thank you for sharing this magnificent journey with us. And thank you for your support. It is deeply welcomed and so very needed


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