Perservering at The Heart of AN!

Last week wasn’t a week full of dramatic changes here, but there was steady progress. At our house, we are still looking for the right places to put things, hanging curtains, doing daily maintenance such as watering all the plants and trying to catch up on long neglected office work. I’m also in the midst of writing the December Surf Report….

At AN Wasi, the casita we will rent to Heart of AN visitors, electricity cables, plumbing tubes, door and window frames are being installed so that everything can be covered with a smooth coat of yeso. After that, we need to put in the floors, doors and windows, buy bathroom and kitchen fixtures, install the stairs, build a sewage system, put in a large water tank (which is super necessary here), buy a water pump and paint the interior. We hope to have everything complete and ready for visitors by February or March.

Even though the donations we receive average around $1000 per month, this is not nearly enough to cover the construction costs which are much more than that. This week, we had to let go of two of our workers. In a few days, I will try to sell some of my personal treasures locally to cover some of the building expenses so we don’t have to let go of the rest of our workers and stop the construction. ♥ If you would like to help us by making a much needed donation, you can do it here:

We are also giving a lot of thought to the best ways for visitors to interact with the Heart of AN while they are here. It’s not enough to come here and just sit on a rock, gazing at the mountains, (although that’s a good place to start!). As I’ve just written in the December Surf Report: “It’s interaction that opens the door which reveals what is really present in the New Landscape.” To fully merge with the AN energies, some sort of super real and true interaction is necessary. This is what we are waiting to discover. And we can feel that they will be very exciting!

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