Special Heart of AN Ceremony

Despacho Ceremony for Pachamama

And the Setting Into Position of Two Beacons of AN!

A few days ago, we somewhat spontaneously decided have a despacho ceremony on Saturday to give thanks to Pachamama and ask for her blessings of AN Wasi, our new casita for visitors to the Heart of AN. Since the roof was finished, it was also time to place a Beacon of AN and two toros on top of it.

When we decided to have the ceremony on Saturday, we didn’t realize that it was the Full Moon. Not only that, but that this Full Moon was exactly on the same degree as my birth Sun. This made it a perfect ceremonial day with heightened Sun – Moon AN energies.

When we had our Beacon of AN made for AN Wasi, we also had a larger one created to be placed over our entry gate.

It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day and the entire ceremony went smoothly. It was sweet, simple, playful, pure and true. Everyone participated with open hearts and much respect. There were also moments of high comedy which brought such joyous laughter when our Mexican baskets suddenly transformed into hats!

Carlos came and Chalo brought the food. We have grown so close to Victor, Holger, Alfredo and all our dear workers, having shared together this journey of creating the Heart of AN for sixteen months. We honor them for their true hearts, their dedication and capability. It was beautiful to have another special ceremony with them.

We could also feel the presence of our beloved Family of AN with us. Thank you for being here! ♥

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