Poco a Poco (“little by little”) at The Heart of AN

We had a very sweet Despacho Ceremony on the Full Moon last Saturday in which we thanked Pachamama, asked for her blessings for AN Wasi and put up the Beacons of AN on the roof of the casita and over our front gate. (Photos of all this are in the blog entry of December 6, 2014).

This week, there is quiet, but steady progress. Cement sub floors have been laid inside AN Wasi and the outside is in the process of being yeso-ed. The more white it becomes, the more beautiful it is! The door and window frames, as well as plumbing tubes have been installed. We have to go to Cuzco in the next few days to buy fixtures for the bathroom and kitchen. And we have to find a carpenter to make the stairs!

In our house, we still have small piles of things here and there which are waiting to find their right position. Whenever this happens, something also clicks into position within us. And it feels fantastic when this occurs. This just happened a few days ago in an awkward corner of our living room. We made several small changes and everything suddenly clicked into position with a stunning rightness. This is all part of the steady process of moving ourselves deeper into the New Landscape so we can fully inhabit the New Reality.

This entire process feels like when we have an eye examination. At first, the line of letters on the far wall are blurry, then as the lenses are changed, they come slowly into focus until we can finally see everything with a super clarity. This is how we ourselves, move into the New Reality. And it is happening now! ♥

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