Rainy Season is Here! Washing Everything Clean….

Most of the emphasis during the past week has been on completing AN Wasi. Creamy white yeso has been put on all the interior walls and is being put on the last exterior wall today and tomorrow. The yeso brings such a soft lightness. Next, we will cover the ceiling beams in the upstairs bedroom with a beautiful coat of white yeso, just like the beams in the AN room of our house.

Because of the two day strike in much of the Sacred Valley on Monday and Tuesday, we are a bit behind in our progress as our plumber, electrician and carpenter were unable to come here.

We still don’t have the money to finish AN Wasi, but are miraculously paying the bills each week. Your donations are a big help, as are my credit cards. I’m going back into credit card debt which I didn’t want to do, but at least they are allowing us to buy the needed building supplies.

The rainy season has finally begun, although it arrived a few months late. I’ve always felt that the sign of a well ordered society, a world that is in harmonic balance, is that it rains at night and is sunny during the day. And so far, this is what is happening here most of the time. Which is absolutely perfect.

Everything feels like it is being washed clean. And so do we…. ♥


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