Getting Closer to Completion of The Heart of AN!

We had another very busy week at The Heart of AN! Here is what was accomplished:

• The yeso plaster on the wall around our house was completed. It is deeply transforming and brings more light into our house.

• One of our pumps broke and had to be replaced. (This was a cheap pump which we got for free when we bought our cistern.)

• We bought our first fruit trees, a lemon tree and a grenadine vine, but haven’t yet planted them.

• In AN•Wasi, we are still furnishing and decorating it, so we can make it available to rent to visitors to The Heart of AN.

• In AN•Tika, the interior is being painted and the bathroom sink cabinet is being built. The land behind it is being filled in with dirt and rocks.

• Our small toilet house is being painted and the doors are being built.

• The AN•Chakana is being built and in a few days we will start tiling the tops of each step.

• We put Tibetan prayer flags in our ceremonial area to hold the Beam for the people of Nepal, India and Tibet who have been affected by the earthquake.

We’ve also been busy organizing our June – July special events.


• Finish my Cards of AN and get them to a printer, (They are 98% done.)

• Write the May Surf Report.

• Make a prototype bag for the cards and get them made. (We’ve already bought the fabric.)

• Organize the lunches here for the Activation of the Heart of AN with our friend Ludo.

• Paint the exterior of our house and the bancos in the entrada.

• Paint the wall around our house.

• Complete our brick circle, outdoor seating area.

• Install three toilets, plus AN•Tika’s kitchen and bathroom sinks.

• Finish building the AN•Chakana.

• Plant the herb garden.

• Plant the fruit trees and buy some more.

• Build an outdoor sink for AN•Wasi.

• Install more lights.

And much more…..

As you can see, there is still much to do. Emanaku and I are working non-stop, but with the joyous knowing that finally we can see this almost two year construction phase coming to an end. We are still riding a massive creative surge which often takes us into surprising new directions, such as the colorful bañito house. We are continually stretched and expanded beyond anything we have known. But remain deeply grateful that we are here….

Our special events at The Heart of AN in June/July 2015

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