Transformation Continues at The Heart of AN!

The past week saw overcast skies and colder nights as we head into late autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere. When it was sunny, the days were hot. But we are all used to getting things done no matter what the weather is doing.

Our main focus this week has been finalizing the design for the AN•Chakana. On Sunday, Emanaku and I drew the design on the ground in its right position and on Monday, the construction began! Now we are creating the tile designs that will go on each level of our multi-dimensional chakana. Everything has to be done in total Trueness. It’s very exciting to see it coming into form on the physical. And as soon as the designs are complete, we will turn our attention to completing my cards so we can get them to a printer.

The adobe wall around our house is still being covered with creamy, white yeso. Half of it is done now and it is transforming everything. The energy is changing dramatically with each completed section of the wall. It makes our house feel much more sheltered and the area behind our house which still resembles a construction zone now feels more refined and settled. The yeso makes everything more beautiful for sure, but it’s also creating a significant deepening into the New Reality.

Last week, we also started moving things into AN•Wasi. The kitchen now has a stove, pots and pans, dishes and table and chairs. There’s still much to be done before it is ready, but it already looks so comfortable and sweet.

Last Saturday we laid off Rusio for a week since we didn’t have enough work for him, but kept Roberto. Then, Roberto didn’t show up for work this week, probably because he wanted a raise. We hope that one or both of them will return next week.

Since today is Earth Day, we plan to buy our first fruit trees! A lime, a lemon, a kapuliy and possibly a grenadine vine. This will give us some delicious fresh fruit. I still haven’t had time to plant the herb garden, but hope to get to it soon.

We are also spending time organizing the accommodation and other details of our June – July Special Events. We know that they will be amazing. So far, we have participants from eleven countries. But there is still space and we hope that more of you decide to come and personally experience the magnificent Heart of AN!

About our Special Events in June and July 2015

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