A Somewhat Challenging Week at The Heart of AN

Last week the rainy season returned and drenched us for several days. It was good for all the plants, but not so great for those who had to work outside. Now, the Sun has returned!

AN•Wasi is finally nearing completion. We are going to start moving in the furniture this week and then the super fun decorating process begins! We hope to get it ready to rent to visitors to The Heart of AN in the next few weeks. So please keep it in mind if you’re coming to Peru and would like to experience what it is like to actually stay on this wondrous land.

We’ve decided to plant a few fruit trees as soon as possible. Our first tree will be a grenadine fruit tree which will be planted next to the entrance of our AN•Chakana Ceremonial Area. This will not only be beautiful, but will provide refreshment. And next week after the New Moon, we will start building the AN•Chakana!!

Yesterday we were in Cuzco doing hundreds of tasks. One of them was buying the gorgeous fabric which will be made into bags for my new card decks and book. Now we just have to do the final edit, create a few drawings, make a prototype of the bags and find a printer!!

We still have some space at our June – July Special Events and really hope that some of you will choose to experience first hand the wondrous energies of The Heart of AN. It will be a life changing experience for sure. We can’t wait to welcome you here!!! ♥ ♥

Special Events at The Heart of AN in June/July 2015


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  1. Ongralea says:

    I am sure all of those helping to create AN are marveling at how building methods are transforming and are meant to reflect Pure Heart Love. With admiration .. I am

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