Huge ‘A Mu’a at The Heart of AN this Week

Something has significantly changed since the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse four days ago. It feels like everything has reached a new level. We are still working like crazy here, but the AN energy has anchored ever more deeply, revealing more of the wondrous beauty of the New Reality.

Instead of feeling so exhausted by our non-stop action, we are feeling energized and inspired and so are many of the people working here. Justo absolutely fell in love with the new floor polishing machine; he was like a kid with a new toy. It was totally adorable to watch him so happily polish the floors.

Victor and Basilio are both challenged and inspired to be putting yeso on the adobe wall around our house. They’ve never put yeso around glass before, so are having to learn how to do it, but they love learning something new and love how it looks!

All of us love the ever developing AN style. It’s so unique, so creative, inspiring, beautiful and fun!

At the same time, we are still working with the dirt, the cement, the rocks on almost a primal level. It’s all part of life, part of AN, and we embrace it all. ♥

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3 thoughts on “Huge ‘A Mu’a at The Heart of AN this Week”

  1. Angelika says:

    Dear Solara, dear Emanáku,

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring step by step advancements in the New Reality.

    Every detail and every corner are just magnificent. Congratulations for your Heart of AN creations!!!

    True pure love,


  2. Solara says:

    Thank you dearest Ongralea!

  3. Ongralea says:

    Dearest AN Solara,

    Every detail primal to bright

    is beautiful

    Yeso is

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