Still Going non-stop at The Heart of AN

We’ve had another very busy week here getting everything ready for our Special Events in June / July, including the official Activation of the Heart of AN on June 30th.

We are very excited that some of you will be able to finally experience the exquisite AN energies in person! The five day Heart of AN Master Class is especially important for those who feel called to activate in the future, variousTowers of Light of AN all over the world.

As AN•Wasi is nearing completion, we are getting excited to furnish and decorate it, so it is ready for visitors to the Heart of AN. We are also excited to get all AN•Wasi’s building supplies, kitchen items and furniture out of our house. The next step for AN•Wasi is to wash and wax all the pastellero tile floors. Then we can start moving in!

AN•Tika, the future guardian / gardener house is several steps behind AN•Wasi, but is still progressing nicely. The main room is being painted and the kitchen fixtures are being installed. And it already has its own outside sink!

Next week, work begins on our AN•Chakana in our new ceremonial area! The ground has been prepared and tomorrow, Emanaku and I will draw the dimensions on the ground.

In the midst of all our non-stop action, we greatly enjoyed two visits from Mark and Vasumi who absolutely loved the Heart of AN. Since Mark is a builder and a tree expert, it was good hearing his feedback on our well constructed stairs and excellent variety of trees.

We feel that April is the month when this stage of our construction is finally complete. And we are so ready for this!! Then we can finally get settled in our house.

April is also the month when I must complete my card decks and book, “The Cards of AN” and find a printer for them so they will be ready for our Readers of the Cards Classes in June and July.

Much to do, but we are happily, but exhaustingly, putting our full beings into this great task of anchoring the New Reality at the Heart of AN. And it can already be felt so strongly! ♥

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