Manifesting and More Manifesting

Surprise, surprise! It was another very busy week at the Heart of AN! Numerous projects are being accomplished all over the land as we get ready for our June – July Special Events, including the official Activation of the Heart of AN on June 30th.

We look forward to gathering together with some of our magnificent Family of AN then and can’t wait to have you directly experience the Heart of AN energies. We really recommend registering soon if you want to come, as our available space will fill up fast. Information and registration details are here:

Here’s a summary of what we have been doing:

• AN•Wasi – is getting many refinements, with major, visible progress in the kitchen. We still have to buy and install a bathroom mirror and towel racks, make window screens, clean and wax the pastellero floors, install window blinds, buy curtains, put in more lights and move in the furniture. In other words, ALMOST DONE!!! 🙂

• Our Guardian / Gardener House which we are now calling AN• Tika (Tika is flower in Quechua), is currently getting the kitchen counters built by German and his son. Next will come the kitchen tiles. The yeso on the walls is still drying, but in another week or so, the painting can begin! This week we will buy a toilet for the bathroom and the bathroom sink counter will be built. AN•Tika also has an outdoor sink for washing clothes. The area around it needs to be designed by us and then built. Aristo is waiting for us to give him the designs for AN•Tika’s three doors.

• The walls of our toilet house are already being yeso-ed by Victor and his crew. I want to paint it with super bright colors and make it a bit wild. We still need to buy a sink, mirror and lights for it.

• At our ceremonial area of AN•Chakana, Roberto should be finished building the three sets of stone steps this week. Then he will begin making the land flatter in preparation for the construction of the AN•Chakana in a few weeks.

• Over at our house, now called AN•Muani, we just got an outside faucet, so soon I can plant the herb garden! Our house is still full of building materials, appliances and furniture for the other two houses and we look forward to the day when we can reorganize our house without all that extra stuff.

And we are deeply tempted to put some creamy white yeso on the walls around our house. I have some great ideas on how we can make it so exquisite…. ♥

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