Solar Flares and Major Progress at The Heart of AN

Last Saturday we had a brief respite from our non-stop action with the arrival of two super nice visitors from Brazil. We really enjoyed showing them the Heart of AN and even managed to do card readings for them with my, as yet unpublished, AN•A’Mu’a cards!

Other than that, another week has gone by in a blur of activity! Both visible accomplishments and subtle refinements are taking place. We are discovering that there are layers upon layers of things to do.

AN•Wasi is becoming so gorgeous and has such good energy! Everyone loves it. Emanáku finished installing the upstairs bamboo floor. Lights are still being put in by Alfredo late in the afternoon after he finishes his other job. German and his son are building stepping stones from the top of the stairs to the entrada. Rye grass and more flowers have been planted. And Aristo is coming in a few days to install the kitchen cabinets and cabinet door frames which Emanaku will fill with pieces of our newly purchased poly-bamboo panel.

We still have to design and build an outdoor sink for AN•Wasi and buy a living room couch which is a bit of a challenge since nice couches are virtually impossible to find in Cuzco, but we are looking online at stores in Lima. After that, we get to start decorating it so it will be ready to rent to visitors to the Heart of AN!

Our guardian casita has a new pastelero tile floor, but still needs to be painted as soon as the yeso is dry. Then the kitchen and bathroom counters and cupboards need to be built, as well as an outdoor sink, plus the toilet and sink put into the bathroom.

In the midst of an overload of things to do, we’ve also begun two new projects! We’ve chosen a small, partially hidden circle in the center of the land to be our ceremonial area. This is where we will build the AN•Chakana which will be the center of our ceremonies here. Roberto is building the stone steps that lead down into the upper part of the circle. Two more sets of smaller stairs will go into the lower part of the circle where the AN•Chakana will be located. The AN•Chakana itself will be quite unique.

And construction has begun on a tiny building for two toilets and a sink which can be used by both visitors and workers.

We are doing all this thanks to the advance payments of some of the participants in our June / July Special Events here. (I still have not received my new US bank card, so cannot access my money except to pay credit card bills.)

We are deeply excited about these Special Events and hope that some of you will join with us. The registration forms are almost ready and should be online by Monday at the latest.

We thank you again for sharing with us this remarkable journey of anchoring the exquisite AN energies of the New Reality on this planet. For us, it’s fun and inspiring, but also, constant hard work and deeply exhausting. Your comments on our photos, your donations large and small, encourage and nourish us greatly. It’s a huge help to know that we are not doing this alone and that the Family of AN is by our side! ♥

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